Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes

A pointe shoe is a type of shoe worn by ballet dancers when performing and practicing pointe work. At the Ballet Boutique, you can buy them in a range of styles, including models with varying arch height, vamp shape, shank stiffness, and shoe width, all available online. All of these elements are equally important and combine to create a stable, close-fitting dance shoe that is tailored to any individual’s dancing needs.

A demi-pointe shoe, or soft-block, shares many characteristics with a pointe shoe. It has a toe box, although the box is softer and the wings are typically not as deep as those featured in a pointe shoe. A demi pointe has no shank, therefore it cannot provide the support necessary for pointe work. These shoes are most often used to train dancers who are new to the pointe technique. They allow dancers to get used to the feeling of wearing pointe shoes and to strengthen the ankles and feet in preparation for dancing en pointe.

S0135L Bloch Demi Pointe

The Demipointe shoe helps to build strength in the ballet dancer preparing for pointe work, by providing resistance to the foot when pointing.

Features a curved box shaped like a full ballet pointe shoe but slightly softer and not intended to support the dancer 'en pointe'.

Ribbons are sold separately.


B- Narrow/Medium

C - Medium/Wide

D- Wide/Extra Width

S0172L Bloch Eurostretch Pointe Shoe

BLOCH introduces a NEW and EXCITING range of pointe shoes featuring groundbreaking innovation in a category virtually unchanged in over 120 years. 

With the latest in stretch materials and multiple patents, these features combine to allow ultimate articulation of the foot, and unparalleled connection between foot and shoe. One seamless, flawless line is now a reality. Exclusively by BLOCH. 

The Eurostretch Stretch Pointe features:

  • Patented European Balance-type last combine the ultimate support and function
  • Unique stretch satin adheres to the foot like a second skin
  • Split sole design allows maximum stretch at the arch as the dancer moves from flat to pointe; never compromising the streamlined fit against the foot
  • A firmer pasting method called 'A Paste' has been incorporated to withstand conditions of heat and humidity
  • High and wide platform encourages easy weight distribution while en pointe
  • Low profile with elastic drawstring 
  • Leather grip at heel to ensure non-slip off fit
  • Cotton insert designed for easy ribbon and elastic stitching
  • US Patent #6,895,693
  • Protected by 1 additional Patents pending

PLEASE NOTE: Due to their innovative nature, the Eurostretch Stretch Pointe Shoes have to beprofessionally fitted. Exclusively available from BLOCH Covent Garden and all good BLOCH Pointe shoe retailers.

Ribbons are sold separately.

S0131S Serenade Strong Pointe Shoe

The Serenade Strong pointe shoe has extra support as well as a reinforced shank to control the foot laterally with a narrow, snug fit at the heel.

S0105L Bloch Aspiration Pointe Shoe

Aspiration pointe shoe provides stability and support with a wide box and strong shank.


  • The Aspiration is designed for the advanced student dancer with highly flexible insteps and ankles. It is designed to give the dancer when 'en pointe' the feeling of being elevated up out of the shoe and held away from the floor.
  • The shank has an extra board shortened under the metatarsal which provides stability and support however this extra strength in the shank does not extend to the heel. This allows the foot to arch at the ¾ point with the heel being able to bend away from the foot.
  • The platform is both high and wide to allow maximum balance when 'en pointe'.


  • Ribbons and elastic sold separately.

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