Jazz Shoes

Jazz Shoes
S0403L Bloch Ultraflex Jazz Shoe

Ultraflex Jazz Dance Shoe

Soft leather upper with laces for a secure fit. Rubber split sole.

S0405G/L Bloch Jazz Soft Jazz Shoe

Leather, lace up upper with leather arch panel for increased flexibility. Rubber split sole.

Due to the nature of their design and purpose, jazz shoes should fit comfortably snug, sock-like, much like a pair of ballet flats. As all our jazz shoes are made of soft leather we recommend ordering them to your true size or ½ size smaller to your regular shoe size. Remember, leather naturally gives over time so with wear, your jazz shoes will stretch around your pressure points making them feel a little bit bigger and wider.

S0462G/S0462L Bloch Essential Jazz Shoe

A classic introductory jazz shoe with lace fastening for a secure fit.

Features a flexible rubber full outsole.

S0493L Bloch Neo Split Sole Jazz Shoe

Lace up, leather upper with neoprene mid-section to hug the arch. Rubber split sole.

S0495G Bloch Neo Flex Slip On

This shoe is made of leather and is a slip on shoe with stretch satin instep panels for a snug fit.

Rubber split sole.


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