A0185 Bloch Covert Elastic

Pre-cut invisible elastic to sew on pointe shoes for added security.

A0525 Bloch Elastorib

Pre-cut ribbon with elastic sewn into the length which assists in the reduction of strain on the achilles tendon. 

A0527 Stretch Kit
Professional Pointe Shoe Kit contains stretch ribbon, covert elastic, needle, and thread for stitching. 2 yards stretch ribbon/20 inches covert elastic. Colour: Pink
A317 Pointe Shoe Mesh Bag

This drawstring mesh bag from Bloch is designed to air out your pointe shoes to prevent any moisture buildup and preserve their longevity. The sleek, subtle branding makes them a great choice for any serious dancer and puts practicality at the forefront.

Mesh Fabric

Drawstring closure

A902 Bloch Gel Tube

This Bloch gel tube offers a coating to protect the toes and bunion areas whilst dancing in dance shoes, in particular pointe shoes. They reduce friction and provide additional comfort, cushioning and protection whilst dancing. 


Bun Nets

Bun nets in packs of three and available in the four shades 


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